A concern for many business and homeowners that use automatic steel gates is severe weather. Severe weather conditions can cause several issues for these gates. These issues include damage, electrical shorts and issues with proper operation. If you are concerned about your automatic gate holding up during severe weather conditions, here are a few upgrades that you should consider.

Solar Backup

One of the leading ways to ensure your automatic steel gate works during severe weather conditions or following severe weather conditions is to have a solar backup. A solar power backup can allow your automatic gate to continue to function on a solar generator. This generator is usually just enough energy to operate the gate for entrance and exit into the property. The automatic gate system can use a battery-powered backup that is connected to the solar panel. This means that the solar energy can be stored in the battery backup and used in cases of emergency weather conditions and power outages.

Manual Controls

There's a misconception that all automatic steel gates come with a manual override system. This manual override system is generally designed to ensure that if there is a power outage or if the system itself is damaged during weather storms, you can still open and close the automatic gate. The truth is that not all automatic gates have this option. Before you have an automatic gate installed, make sure that there is a manual override switch, system or sliding mechanism to ensure that you can still open your gate.

Weather Durable Materials

If you already have a solar backup and a manual override system, you can take one more step to protect your automatic steel gate. The step is to ensure that the gates are made out of weather-durable steel. Though steel is fairly durable, there are some thinner steel options that can be used in date manufacturing. You will want to make sure that your gate is made of heavy-duty steel that can withstand heavy winds and is anti-corrosive. Remember that rain, snow and melting ice can all cause corrosion to your gate which can cause breakdowns in the gate system.

If you feel that your automatic steel gate needs upgrades, contact your local fencing contractor. They will be able to do an on-site evaluation and inspection. This will let them know what kind of upgrades they can make to your automated gates and what options may be most beneficial to your particular situation and environment.