Although palisade fencing often looks great and security fencing might be harder to climb over, there can be little doubt that chain wire fencing is just about the most cost-effective way to partition your property from neighbouring ones. No wonder it is so widely used not just in Australia but all over the world. Typically, per metre of installation, there is nothing to beat it. Indeed, the more fencing you need to install, the cheaper it becomes per metre. Why? Because it can be transported in one go at very little expense because it is supplied in lightweight rolls that you simply unfurl at the location you want to erect them. The ease of transporting chain wire fencing is only one reason why this type of fence installation offers such great value for money, however. Read on to find out why it is such a competitively priced fencing product.

Low-Cost Uprights

To begin with, chain linking requires very inexpensive uprights to support it. Because mesh-style fences are light, you don't need heavy-duty fence posts or concrete supports. Simply drive the supplied uprights into the ground during your fence installation or mount them on floor-standing brackets if you are in an urban environment. Not only are these sorts of uprights cheap to supply but they are easy to fit, thereby helping to lower the cost of the installation.

Mass Production

Chain link fences made from interlocking wires are mass-produced. This means that their manufacturing costs are extremely low. With machines that can bend the wires into place precisely day in and day out, the cost to the consumer is very low. This is the case whether you want a fencing installation with exposed wires or plastic-coated ones.

Speed of Installation

As mentioned, installing uprights with this sort of fence installation is as straightforward as it gets. In addition, fitting the fencing itself couldn't be simpler. All your installers need to do is unroll the chain links and attach them to the uprights. After tensioning the fence, excess material can be simply cut away leaving you with a secure fence at the boundary of your property. As such, the amount you will need to pay for an installation in terms of man-hours will be lower than with other types of fencing.

Easy to Repair

It is worth noting that cost-effective chain wire fence installations are not the only low-cost reason for choosing this sort of fencing over the others that are available today. This is because they are also inexpensive to repair. If some links are damaged, then you can easily replace them with a new section of mesh. Doing so doesn't take long and, therefore, won't cost much. 

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