If you don't know much about chain link fences, you may think they all look the same and they're all pretty standard. However, these barriers allow you to customise them in different ways to make them appropriate for diverse settings. Here are several places you can install a chain-mesh fence with suitable customisations.

Business Premises

A chain-mesh fence is ideal for securing business premises such as a warehouse, for example. These barriers consist of mesh which is unrolled and attached to posts and rails. These roles of webbing come in different heights to easily create tall fences which offer better security. You can also select a thicker gauge wire mesh for a high-security business environment and use posts with a thicker wall diameter. Fencing services can also build deterrents into the top of the fence by fitting barbed or razor wire along the top. Because chain-link fences don't block the view, security guards can easily see oncoming threats.

Home Front Gardens

A chain-wire fence can also be constructed around the front garden of a residential home. It could be built at waist-high to define the property boundary. Rather than a silver galvanised steel fence, you could place webbing encased in coloured PVC, in shades like brown, green, or black. Posts and rails are then powder coated to match. 

While the see-through nature of these fences creates an open garden, you might prefer some privacy. You can achieve this by weaving specially designed slats through the diamond mesh. The vinyl slats come in colours such as red, yellow, green, and blue. You can also use timber slats for a rustic look or faux vines to mimic climbing plants. A chain-mesh fence with a secure gate doesn't provide large gaps or holes. Thus, it's ideal for keeping children and pets safe in the front garden.

Tennis Courts and Parks 

A chain mesh fence is also adaptable to function in other ways. For example, they can enclose commercial or private tennis courts. They can be built several metres high to block balls from flying out of the court area. You can also bury the webbing in the ground to prevent wild animals from burrowing under the mesh.

Chain mesh fencing is also ideal for parks and bush environments, especially in green or brown shades that blend with natural foliage and plants. Because of its lightweight nature and see-through design, the fence will harmonise with the environment and not ruin the atmosphere. Contact fencing services to learn more.