Colorbond fences are visually appealing as they blend with the natural landscape. They come in various earthy shades of grey, sand, blue and green. The corrugated profiles of the sheets mimic textures found in nature, which are not often smooth and flat. By choosing the right colours, you can integrate a Colorbond fence into a beachy, rustic or contemporary setting. Even though the metal sheets harmonise with nature, they can survive several natural threats. Following are four dangers that a Colorbond fence can withstand.


Many houses are built on a framework of timber beams. If termites infiltrate these wooden parts, you have major construction issues to contend with. Homes often also have other vulnerable timber components, such as window frames. The benefit of Colorbond fencing is that it uses steel sheets, which you can connect to metal posts and rails. If you live in an area where termites are rife, a Colorbond fence could help save your house from infestation. Or at least not attract termites to your property.


Another of nature's dangers that a Colorbond fence will help protect you from is fire. Steel is not flammable, so it won't catch fire and spread the fire along the fence line, intensifying the danger. Thus, a Colorbond fence can be helpful whether you live in a residential or bushfire-prone area.


Rain may seem harmless, but water damage can ravage timber structures. It can cause a wooden fence, for example, to warp and rot. Colorbond sheets use various protective elements to help them resist moisture damage. For instance, they're often covered with an alloy blend of magnesium, zinc and aluminium, which inhibits rust. Plus, the powder-coating process fuses a hard paint layer to the sheets, further protecting them from rain and moisture.

Salty and Harsh Atmospheres

The seaside air might smell pleasant, but it can be full of salt and moisture, which can degrade some building elements. Colorbond steel sheets come in various grades to suit diverse conditions. Some stainless steel varieties are appropriate for installations close to the beach, and other options are available if you live farther away from the shoreline but still relatively close. Industrial locations can also have a harsh atmosphere full of pollutants and chemicals, and specific Colorbond fences will suit those areas. Your contractor can advise you on which is best for your location and the specific conditions the fence will encounter.

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