You might be considering fencing options for your home or business and be deciding between the various options. One possibility is a chain-link fence, which offers the advantages described below.

Colour Options

Though chain-link fences are often considered a practical option, you'll have several colour choices to match the structure to its surroundings. The wire mesh typically uses silver galvanised steel. But you can also install wire mesh in green, brown, or black PVC-coated wire. The posts and rails are then powder-coated in a matching colour to give the barrier a smart look.

Quick Installation

Chain link is relatively quick to install, unlike other options such as brick, cement or wood, which use heavy materials and require extensive labour. Once the posts are anchored within the ground, the chain webbing, available in rolls, is unwound and attached to the posts. Fencing contractors also stretch it out vertically to connect it to pipe-metal horizontal rails. This prevents intruders from lifting the webbing and climbing underneath. Because much of the fenced area consists of of the chain mesh, contractors can set it up quickly. Thus, it's an excellent choice if you need to enclose large spaces, such as a home property or industrial site.


While chain-link fences don't offer privacy, this is a blessing if you want added security. A clear view doesn't allow trespassers to hide behind the cover of a privacy fence. Thus, whether a chain-link fence encloses a front yard or a factory site, people can view what's going on from the street, inadvertently working as your ears and eyes. As a bonus, your yard won't feel confined and closed in. Instead, the area will feel bigger. Also, the fence won't deprive nearby foliage and plants of sunshine and light.

Low Maintenance

Unlike some fences that require you to spend hours on their care, a metal chain-mesh fence virtually looks after itself. Steel can withstand diverse weather, including rain, hail and snow. The protective zinc layer on galvanised steel repels rust, and PVC coatings block corrosion even more. Thus, your barrier will endure for many years without requiring much work, besides pressure-washing it now and then.


Steel is highly recyclable, and there's no need for your fence to eventually end up in a landfill. After years of service, it can be recycled and transformed into other useful objects. Recycling metal consumes less energy than producing new metals.