The industrial look is common for apartments in the city, where warehouses or other such buildings may have been turned into residential apartments. These apartments may still retain many features from the warehouse itself, giving them a very modern and very industrial look that some people love. If you can't move to the city to get the industrial look you want in your space, note a few simple tips for how to bring that look to your doorstep, no matter the current style of your home.

Exposed brick

Exposed brick is very common for an industrial look, but you don't need to tear down a wall to see if there is usable brick on the other side. Many types of wall tile are available that have a brick front; these can either be made with a laminate or with a type of thin concrete that is stamped and painted to look and feel like brick. You can then easily install these wall tiles around a fireplace or an accent wall to create the look of exposed brick.


Industrial apartments are very famous for having exposed ductwork, and the metal of the ducts can actually reflect light and make a space seem brighter. As with brick, however, you don't need to start tearing up walls and ceilings, hoping for large ductwork on the other side. Instead, simply buy a piece of ductwork from a  home improvement store and install it along the ceiling. Your nonworking duct doesn't need to be connected to any vents, and you can easily screw it to wall studs to hold it in place. A home improvement store can usually cut ductwork to size, and you might ask for several small sections rather than one long piece, as it might then be easier for you to bolt each piece to the wall.

Steel staircases

Warehouses often have staircases with steel steps and balustrades, and you can mimic this look in your own home if you have an exposed staircase. Have the current railing removed and replace it with a steel railing; steel pipes, set vertically, can be very industrial, or you might opt for horizontal steel bars instead. Using steel balustrades can mean not having to replace your entire staircase, as it's usually much easier and more affordable to just install a new railing system.


Don't forget to finish off the industrial look in your home with modern accessories. This can include metal pendant lighting, a bike you store on a hook from the ceiling, open closets without doors, and furniture made from Plexiglas.