When it comes to your home's fencing, you may want think about something that does more than just mark off boundaries between you and your neighbors; a good fence can keep out would-be intruders and also keep your children and pets safely enclosed when they're outside. The right residential fence should also be easy to maintain over the years. A small white picket fence may look attractive but not provide much security, and is usually very easy for dogs to jump over. A tall wood fence may offer privacy and security, but be difficult to keep up and maintain. Note a few other options for fencing that actually add security and privacy to your property, and that are very durable as well. 

Chain link 

Chain link or hurricane fences are a popular option for residential yards, as they are affordable, easy to install, and don't make your yard feel closed-in. For the best security, opt for very small mesh that doesn't offer a toehold for those who would climb the fence. For added privacy, consider privacy slats that slide through the links or mesh and block a person's view of your home. These can also make the fence more difficult to climb. Powder coating can protect the fence from rust and make it virtually maintenance free.

If you need even more security from your chain link fence, consider rows of wires along the top. You don't need prison-quality barbed wire to discourage persons from trying to climb the fence, but a twisted wire that is very rough on the skin can keep out even the most determined of intruders.


A wrought iron fence can look very attractive and the iron bars are difficult to climb, but these fences are also very expensive. The iron may also rust or corrode over time. However, if you like the look of a traditional wrought iron fence and appreciate the security it offers, consider PVC tubes. Tubular fencing can give you the look of wrought iron bars at a fraction of the cost, and they usually require little to no maintenance. The PVC can also be shaped with pointed finials at the top, which helps discourage anyone from trying to climb the fence. 

Don't assume that a PVC fence will look like you have pipes surrounding your hard, as the material can be powder-coated or painted virtually any color. A black or slate grey can make the PVC look exactly like iron, or you might choose a standard white to make the fence look like painted wood.