Constructing a deck on your property can be quite an expensive undertaking. Not only are you buying materials for the erection of the structure itself, but you also have to consider materials to keep your deck safe. This is especially true if you have small children. Typically, contractors will use materials such as timber of steel to create railings on your deck. Although these are sturdy, they could end up compromising your view of your property. If you would like to relax on your deck and have a clear vision of your yard while still ensuring the deck is secure, you should consider glass railings and balustrades. Here are some of the reasons why glass railings would be beneficial for your deck.

Glass railings have low maintenance needs

Unlike other popular railing materials such as wood, glass railings are relatively easy to maintain. Your glass railings will not succumb to damages such as staining, as their surface is impervious.

In addition to this, they do not need extra preventative maintenance measures such as treating or painting to keep them in pristine condition. Since the glass railings are being used at the exterior of your home, it makes them a great option, as they will not suffer from weathering due to prolonged exposure to the elements. All your glass railings would require is occasional cleaning with soapy water and a rinse to eliminate any grime that may be accumulating on them.

Lastly, with glass railings, you do not have to worry about corrosion. This is unlike metal railings, which would require galvanising if they are to stay rust free when used on your deck.

Glass railings are strong and durable

Some homeowners mistakenly assume that glass would not be sturdy enough to secure their deck. The truth is that the type of glass used for these applications is not regular annealed glass. Instead, your contractors will make use of tempered glass. There are a couple of benefits that tempered glass will provide your decking with. Firstly, tempered glass has high impact resistance. This means it can bear loads such as people leaning on the railings without it breaking.

The second benefit is that tempered glass will not shatter. In the unfortunate event that something heavy is to fall on the railings and balustrading, the glass will not shatter into numerous hazardous pieces. Instead, it will break into large pieces that can be easily collected for disposal without posing the risk of injury to the people that are on the deck.