Fences and gates are ideal for adding security to your home. If you've incorporated the white picket fence dream into your home, then you probably love the idea of classic elegance. The problem with white picket fencing is that while it looks gorgeous when it's new, but it ends up fraying and tattering if left ignored over time –– especially if you live in an area prone to dense rains and windy conditions. Follow these golden rules to invigorate the appearance of fraying white picket fences.

Scrub Peeling Paint Using A Flat-Edged Scraping Tool

The white paint on your picket fence will likely start flaking after a couple of different weather seasons. This can turn a gorgeous home into an outdated bore. Use a flat-edged scraping tool to remove any peeling paint from the fencing structure. But you need to ensure that you don't jab it too hard against the wood because you may end up causing cracks and chips in the wood. If this happens, you will need to replace the fencing panels with completely new ones. This may cause a difference in appearance between the new and old fencing panels, which will downgrade your home's curb appeal.  

Clean And Apply Acrylic Primer To Prepare The Wood For New Paint

Make sure you thoroughly clean your white picket fence before repainting to remove any debris, leaves, grime, mud, and dead insects that may be embedded on it. Some homeowners use power washers, but a simple hose will also do the trick. Special fencing cleaners from a home improvement or retail shop will help to eliminate all fencing residue. Once clean, apply acrylic primer specially formulated for outdoor wood. Acrylic primers are typically better than oil-based primers because they don't emit toxic fumes and dry faster on wood. This makes your white picket fence invigoration job quicker and more efficient.

Choose Exterior Grade White Paint For Fence Spray Painting

Place tarp below the fence to prevent paint from spilling onto other surfaces of your lawn. Spray painting white picket fencing is a good way to achieve the finish you want without worrying about streak marks from paintbrushes. For the spray paint job to work well, you will need to dilute the exterior-grade paint using water in quantities recommended by the manufacturer. Always follow recommendations to avoid paint that is too thick or too thin. Once mixed, fill the spray gun with the solution and start painting your white picket fencing.

Invigorate the appearance of your white picket fencing with these easy DIY golden rules. Alternatively, a fencing expert can do the job professionally.