Pool fencing is essential in homes to keep children and pets safe from accidents such as drowning. Glass pool fencing is becoming popular due to its luxurious style that provides an uninterrupted view of swimming pools.

Just like any other glass, your glass pool fence will get dirty after some time, creating the need to be cleaned. Regular proper maintenance is crucial to keep your glass pool fence in great condition and also increase its longevity. It is important for homeowners to know how to maintain the beautiful look of their glass pool fences.

Below are some tips on how to clean and maintain your glass pool fence:

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your glass pool fencing will help it last longer. Ideally, you should clean the glass at least once every six months. However, this will be determined by how dirty your glass pool fencing will get. For instance, your pool will be in constant use during summer as compared to winter or any other cold season; thus, more regular cleaning will be needed.  

Also, the location of your home will determine how often you need to clean your glass pool fence. If you live in windy areas, you will need to clean the glass often due to the fast dirt accumulation caused by wind.

Avoid Harsh Glass Cleaners

You do not have to shop for any chemicals to clean your glass pool fencing. Warm soapy water is enough unless the glass has a coating. Just like you do with your glass plates, use a sponge to apply the soapy water on the glass pool fence.

Before you start rubbing the sponge on the glass, make sure that there is no sand that could have been sprayed by rain or wind. This is to avoid scratching the glass accidentally. Hose the soap down and leave the glass to air dry.

Cleaning the Fittings

In most cases, glass pool fences are installed with stainless steel fixings. Cleaning the stainless steel parts might need a little more than glass cleaning detergents. Stainless steel is tougher than glass; therefore, you will need to use warm soapy water and a piece of cloth to do some gentle rubbing. Do not use scourers even in the case of stains as they could scratch the fixings.

After the cleaning, it is advisable that you use a hose for rinsing purposes. Rinse your fixtures before the soap gets to dry and probably cause stains. For a clear finish, use a soft cloth to actively dry the fixings. That way, there will not be any dried up water droplets left behind.

For more information about pool fencing, speak with the staff at a fencing company near you.