If you're upgrading your pool area, you will need to select from various fencing materials. A glass fence is one option which will safely enclose the expanse with a sleek, attractive barrier. Here are possible types of glazing.

Toughened Glass 

Safety is of prime concern for a pool fence, both in terms of providing a secure barrier and allowing you to keep a watch of proceedings. A glass fence delivers on both fronts. Toughened safety panels have four times the strength of an ordinary glass window and so are extremely unlikely to break. Thicker panels provide even more strength. 

With these fences, how they react to breakage is also important. Because of its inner structure, toughened glass crumbles into numerous rounded cubes rather than pointy shards which may cause injury. Glass also allows a clear view to your pool area, so you can keep an eye on friends and family to make sure everyone is having fun and staying safe. 

Tinted Glass

To create a custom look for your pool, why not install tinted glass? Tones available include bronze, grey, green and blue, allowing you to harmonise the fencing to your landscape. The glazing is not painted to produce this effect, rather different minerals within, such as iron and cobalt, cause the tints. To harmonise the fence with your deck, you could pick up hues from natural stones or tiling for inspiration. Tinted glass can also block glare to create a more comfortable pool experience, but this depends on its colour and depth. More minerals will emphasise the tone, and thicker panels will give the impression of a stronger tint also.

Frosted Glass

If you want to keep the pool area light and bright, but need privacy, you could use frosted glass for the panels. Acid etching or sandblasting erode one side to create various degrees of opacity. The additional benefit of these frosty fences is the soft diffused lighting they generate around the pool. On a bright, sunny day, it will help to reduce shine and glare. 

Low Iron Glass

Rather than producing privacy, you might be more interested in achieving the opposite effect and in installing glass panels which have ultra clarity. Standard 'clear' glass emits a faint green haze, which results from its iron content. Generally, this tinge will be most evident around the edges. To eliminate this, you can install low-iron glass to increase the transparency of your pool fencing to emphasise a feeling of openness.