A chain wire fence is perfect for some applications in the home, including fencing in the pets and keeping vermin out of your garden. Most people also install chain wire fences around their pools, as they efficiently restrict access for kids and small animals. However, one of the significant issues people usually have with the barriers is that as they age, they stop looking as attractive as they did when they were new. Removing an old chain wire fence could be complicated, especially when the poles were buried deep into the ground. Here are three alternative ways in which you can improve the appearance of the chain wire fences around your property.

Adding chain wire slats

Slats are typically made from aluminium or high-quality polyethylene. They are a great addition to the chain wire because they make it sturdy while at the same time making it look a little more sophisticated than its basic form. The slats are durable, and when you install them correctly, your chain wire fence could last for decades without the need for repairs or replacement. Slats will be ideal for fences covering the pool or another area of your property where privacy is not a top concern.

Adding a Bamboo screen

Bamboo screens will give your home an excellent tropical touch. The screens are made from bamboo poles that are cut and attached, forming poles. The poles that have been split into nodes are more durable than those with exposed edges. Bamboo screens are ideal to install at the front of the house because they offer more privacy than the slats.

Mesh privacy screen

When looking for mesh, it is important to ensure that you do not buy a tarp, which is a poor choice for fencing. When the mesh is added to chain wire, it adds to your home's privacy. Mesh that is specifically made for fences allows water and wind to pass through. The level of privacy that you get from the mesh can be as high as 96 percent depending on the amount you are willing to spend.

Other ways that you can boost privacy when using chain wire fencing include wooden panels, reed screens, and live fences. The crucial thing is determining how much privacy you want, how soon you want it and how much you are willing to spend. A combination of chain link and a privacy enhancement makes perfect home fencing alternatives.