When you're choosing a new fence for your home, of course your budget for its installation will be of prime importance in your selection. However, choosing a fence based on price alone can be a mistake, as there are many other factors that can make a fence the right decision, or a poor decision, for yourself and your property. Note a few of those factors here so you're happy with your choice of a new home fence.


If you're very eco-conscious, you want to consider how a fence will affect the environment. You might assume that wood is the most eco-friendly choice, as it's a natural material and not made in a factory, but consider how often you would need to seal, paint or stain that wood fence, and if those coatings would release harmful toxins into the air and soil. Metal fencing typically needs to be treated far less often, and glass fencing rarely needs any type of treatment at all. PVC or vinyl fencing is also very durable and doesn't need painting or coating of any sort.

Note, too, if a fencing material is easy to recycle, as you may want to replace the fence with a new one, or replace worn and damaged sections in the future. PVC and vinyl can be recycled, but it usually takes a tremendous amount of heat to do this, and the process might produce lots of fumes and emissions. Glass and wood are easier to recycle, and metal can also be melted down for reuse, although it might also need more heat for the recycling process than glass or wood.

Neighbourhood and home style

Fences have a style or look all their own, and it's vital that you choose something that looks good outside your own home and that fits the neighbourhood as well. As an example, if you live in an area with many older, stately homes, a vinyl fence may not fit the look of the subdivision, whereas a wrought iron fence may seem more appropriate. If you live in an area with smaller and more modest homes, that wrought iron fence may stick out and seem imposing, whereas a shorter wood picket fence might coordinate. You are obviously free to choose your own fence style as long as there are no local building codes or homeowner's association regulations to consider, but don't overlook how your fence will fit with the style of the entire block on which you live so it coordinates and isn't an outright eyesore.

Contact a fencing contractor in your area for additional advice.