Decorative gates can be used for various applications on your property. However, the main purpose that homeowners tend to use these gates for is as driveway gates. Opting for a decorative gate for your driveway is not simply about installing an access point to your residence. These decorative gates also enhance the aesthetics of your residence while providing you with security. As such, it would be prudent to put some thought into the materials that you would use for your decorative gates. It should be noted that your choice of material would also dictate the additional maintenance measures that you would have to undertake to keep your decorative gates in pristine condition. Here are some of the materials you could consider for decorative gates.


Undoubtedly, timber is one of the more popular materials that homeowners will choose due to its inherent rustic charm when it comes to the outdoors. However, since the decorative gates will be exposed to the elements, you would have to ensure the timber is properly treated. This will prevent premature rotting due to exposure to moisture. Treating the timber will also protect your decorative gates from undue pest infestations.


If you are looking for an economical material for your decorative gate, you could consider aluminium. Aluminium tends to be cheaper than its other metal counterparts due to how lightweight it is. This also means the labour costs for installation would be cheaper since the aluminium is easy to work with. Nevertheless, some homeowners are not attracted to the metallic finish of aluminium. If you would like to make it more attractive, you could opt to powder coat it so that the material does not affect the overall appearance of your decorative gates.

Wrought iron

When it comes to decorative gates, wrought iron tends to be the material of choice for some fencing contractors. Firstly, wrought iron has a rich dark colour that ensures it blends easily with any type of residence. If you are looking to enhance the curb appeal of your property with classic elegance, then wrought iron would be the material to consider. In addition to this, wrought iron is innately strong and sturdy. As such, the decorative gates will make your property more secure. It should be noted though that although wrought iron comes in a wide array of decorative designs, it tends to be more expensive than other fencing materials. Therefore, it may not be suitable for homeowners who are installing decorative gates on a restrictive budget.